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Lux FX, Collingwood

The recently opened Lux FX Lighting Showroom in the design hub of Collingwood is an inspirational tribute to light, its importance in architecture, and its effect on the human emotions.

Designed to explore the opportunities and tools available to designers when illuminating with artificial light, the studio highlights how various lighting techniques can be used to influence our experience with space and form.

The space features the iGuzzini Light Experience room, a visual and immersive space designed around light and shadow to showcase effects and scenes only possible with the most innovative products, designed by iGuzzini, which embody a perfect mix of technology, design, miniaturisation, optics, visual comfort and colour changing luminaires.

The Light Experience is an opportunity to enjoy a first-hand experience of iGuzzini’s lighting perfection and can be visited only in Recanati, Milan, New York, New Delhi, Auckland, Paris, Shanghai and now Melbourne.

Working with the team from Melbourne firm IF Architecture, Lux FX provided them with an almost blank canvas to create something unique, that would appeal to a diverse range of industry professionals.

“The team were keen to connect with their clients in a meaningful way and present products in a way that captures people’s imagination.” said Iva Foschia, Director of IF Architecture.

“While Lux FX had an eventual outcome in mind of how they would use the space, they were very respectful of our core skillset in handing the project over to us.”

“We set up the parameters of columns, a dome, a sphere, arches etc, the foundation blocks of architecture. We incorporated a suite of architectural elements that Lux FX could weave their magic and light into.”

These commonly used elements are illuminated with varying techniques, allowing designers to better appreciate the importance of not just the luminaires, but the different technical properties they can provide.

The project was an opportunity to showcase what the Lux FX range of products could do, bridging the gap between the standalone product and it’s actual application. The aim is to stretch the imagination on how the products can be used, and really demonstrate this in practically through the result of the build. To further heighten the emotional experience Lux FX incorporated a variety of tunable white luminaires demonstrating the effect of colour temperature to a variety of spaces and market segments

Working alongside Lux FX and IF Architecture were master builders Silverstream Constructions who throughout late 2020 and early 2021 made the design a reality with their dedicated and precision work.

The space showcases our 6 brands in a practical setting, and boasts iGuzzini’s Light Experience, comprising lines such as Laser, Laser Blade, Palco, Trick, Underscore, Linealuce and Light Up have been installed in this space to demonstrate the infinite installation possibilities of iGuzzini luminaires, which include Graphic Light, Invisible Light, Human Light, Vertical Light, Guiding Light and Shape Light.

Design by IF Architecture
Lighting Design by Lux FX & iGuzzini
Photography by Stephanie Rooney