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One AU / iGuzzini

Working with discerning designers who possess a deep appreciation for the transformative power of light is always a gratifying experience, and being part of their personal projects adds an extra layer of fulfilment.

Lux FX is proud to have collaborated with the esteemed Melbourne designer, Melanie Beynon, on the lighting design for her innovative MBAD studio.

The project’s objective was to create a vibrant and highly functional Architecture and Design practice that fosters collaboration and embodies MBAD’s commitment to wellness principles. With a full height glazed façade, the studio provided an opportunity to engage with the community and showcase its aesthetic to passers-by. The expansive glazing allowed natural light to permeate the interior during the day.

To accentuate this feature, our team implemented hidden linear lighting featuring tuneable white LED technology. This lighting not only illuminated the curved plaster waves on the ceiling, showcasing their intricate detail, but also cast a gentle and inviting glow throughout the space. This solution, programmable in both intensity and colour temperature, empowers Melanie to tailor the studio’s ambiance effortlessly, whether for daily productivity, exhibitions, daytime events, or after-hours activities, seamlessly harmonizing with the natural light outside.

For more dramatic scenes, a linear light source with colour-changing capabilities was strategically placed at the window, spanning the entire workspace. This coloured solution is seamlessly coordinated with a matching RGBW linear luminaire and the very clever Blade R downlight that can provide either clean white light or colour changing general light in the adjacent meeting room. Together, these fittings offer flexibility in creating various atmospheres and delineating distinct zones.

The project utilized a minimal number of downlights, opting for the use of low-glare Laser Blade fittings when needed. The precision lighting achieved with Laser Blades not only met the project’s functional requirements but also maintained a minimal aesthetic impact on the environment.

The result is a lighting system that adapts effortlessly to the multifaceted demands of a modern studio. Melanie and her team now enjoy a versatile space that effortlessly balances comfort, drama, and beauty—a testament to the seamless integration of thoughtful design and cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Design by Melanie Beynon Architecture & Design