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Positioned in the prestigious inner-city suburb of Moonee Ponds, this residential project makes a bold architectural statement in an area known for more traditional homes.

Conceived by Architecton, every element of this impeccable property is highly considered. Architecton designed a home defined by black steel and concrete that is softened by the subtle lighting design. The result is a slightly theatrical aesthetic where high and low light levels add texture to the spaces.

To achieve this contrast, we integrated luminaires into the joinery and architecture to highlight features rather than the entire space. General ambient light was mostly a by-product of this accent lighting.

iGuzzini’s Laser Blade XS downlights were subtly recessed into the plaster ceiling and provided pools of light in the hallways. One AU’s Abbey 18 linear LED with high quality LED was hidden in glass-fronted cabinets, highlighting a curated glassware collection and allowing light to spill out into the room.

Design by Architecton
Photography by Stephanie Rooney