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One AU

Dating back to the mid-1800s, when it was a humble guest house, The Prince Hotel in St Kilda is a significant social and cultural landmark.

After a decadent Art Deco rebuild in 1936, The Prince Hotel was known as Melbourne’s grandest hotel and a mecca for locals, tourists and entertainers.

The latest upgrades, designed by IF Architecture, bring The Prince Hotel into the 21st century with subtle references to its heritage. The dining room’s contemporary aesthetic was inspired by the building’s rich history and the character of the surrounding area. The design celebrates St Kilda’s culture, with a unique mix of materials and finishes, and the hotel is now equal parts luxurious and relaxed in style.

The lighting follows suit with a mix of luminaires and lighting effects. The Lux FX Bentley range has been used extensively throughout the building. Designed in-house, the flexible Bentley range can be recessed, surface mounted and clipped into a suspended three circuit track. Aside from this incredible versatility, the Bentley aesthetic can be changed to suit the environment, much like The Prince Hotel itself.

Design by IF Architecture
Photography by Stephanie Rooney